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Belmagistralavtotrans is a multi-logistic operator
that has been working for more than 35 years
in the field of international trucking,
freight forwarding and technical services.

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-20%. Sale for non-residents

Services authorized automobile service station for non- residents of the Republic of Belarus without VAT

Heavy-duty towing truck Volvo FH. New service for road carriers

Broken down heavy-duty vehicles can be towed to service station " Belmagistralavtotrans" (Volvo service station, semitrailer repair station, frame repair shop.) for auto repair service.

Experiment of cooperation with staff of customs office

On the customs clearance point 06529 "Kolyadichi-Auto" / temporary storage warehouse Va0601/0000086 "Belmagistralautotrans" was carried out an experiment of cooperation of employees of the temporary storage warehouse with officials of customs office.

Three hot days in Staiki

Three hot days in Staiki are not only heat at 30 degrees, but also 3 days of competition in the finale of the Spartakiad under the expansion teams from the regions!
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