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Heavy-duty towing truck Volvo FH. New service for road carriers

Broken down heavy-duty vehicles can be towed to service station " Belmagistralavtotrans" (Volvo service station, semitrailer repair station, frame repair shop.) for auto repair service.

In the New Year company made the unique purchase - practically the only heavy-duty tow truck in Belarus - Volvo FH 6x4.

Heavy duty towing is not an easy task . In addition to the difficulties associated with the size and weight of the vehicles, special concern is the safety of the carried cargo. Thus, in case of any mistakes not only road carrier may suffer losses, but also its customers.

The uniqueness of this tow truck is in its equipment, which has no analogues in Belarus. Volvo FH 6x4 chassis has been assembled at the Russian plant in Kaluga, and aligned in Poland.

Tow truck powered by a 440 hp engine, and equipped with two fifty meters long hydraulic winches, with a pulling force of 22.5 tons and 13.5 tons These make possible not only heavy-duty towing, but also recovery from the ditch , if the vehicle turned upside down.

Underlift with forks and attachments is used for heavy duty towing.

Thanks to it, both flat towing and wheel-lift towing of vehicles up to 40 tons, including busses are possible. Towing service is available 24/7, so you can call for towing to the service center of "Belmagistralavtotrans" in Kolyadichi in case of any emergency.

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