Technological possibilities

Technological possibilities of the enterprise
Motor car park has 127 road-trains (truck tractors awning semitrailers) and 8 small-capacity autos. 118 truck tractors correspond to standard Euro-5, 9-Euro-3. All automobiles by a satellite system.
Under forwarding control of JSC "Belmagistralavtotrans" 340 trucks of enlist carriers.
Buildings and installations are situated in Minsk, Babushkina Buildings str.39 (Kolyadichi ) and also street Serov and Kigevatov. The total area of office buildings is 7049 m2 , production sites and warehouses - 10 029m2.
Warehouses of transport-logistical centre occupy 5000m2 of all indicated warehouse area's. Warehouses are of all indicated warehouse area's. Warehouses are equipped with covered ramps with adjusted height, 6 autoloaders work. Temporary storage warehouse can take at the same time more than 180 road-trains.
The service station "Volvo", station for repair of semitrailers and tachographs are equipped with modern repair diagnostic equipment.
200 road-trains can be quartered at parking places.
Flat towing and wheel-lift towing vehicles up to 40 tons with a towing truck VOLVO FH 6x4. Including busses and recovering from the ditch.
грузовой эвакуатор
The total area of occupied lots is 12,1 hectares.