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Belmagistralavtotrans is a multi-logistic operator
that has been working for more than 35 years
in the field of international trucking,
freight forwarding and technical services.

The history

According to the decree of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR dated back to June, 17, 1963 basing on the order of the Ministry of highway transport of the BSSR the Administration of the automobile road Minsk-Mogilev was organized. It was responsible for realization of all kinds of work on maintenance, technical equipment and reparation of roads, organization of regular long haul cargo carriages and realization of transport-forwarding and commercial operations on the most important roads of the Republic and rending of technical service during the way.
In 1974 the Administration was reorganized. Structural units were released to direct control of the Ministry of highway transport of the BSSR.
According to the decree of the Ministry of highway transport of the BSSR dated back to 28.02.1979 #16-c on the base of these enterprises the production association of highway transport "Belmagistralavtotrans" was organized in April, 1979.
The main task of the Association was the organization and execution of international long haul cargo carriages within the BSSR and inter-republic long haul cargo carriages for enterprises, organizations and establishments as well as loading of empty trucks in the trailing positions.
After 10 years of development the Association "Belmagistralavtotrans" includes 10 structural units. They are ATEK and 1 (Brest), 2 (Vitebsk), 3 (Gomel), 4 (Grodno), 5 (Minsk), 6 (Mogilev), 7 (Minsk), 8 (Bobruisk), 9 (Borisov), Minsk GTES.
20 cargo stations and more than 50 road checkpoints have functioned within these enterprises. Production capacities reached 2 thousand automobiles, 16 thousand carriers, 25 thousand gantry cranes, about 50 automatic loaders. The amount of workers is 5500 people. 740 coordinated schedules between freight stations for big rigs were organized so as to carry out transport hauls on request of the USSR Gossnab enterprises and other industrial enterprises.
"Belmagistralavtotrans" was a unique subdivision in the system of the BSSR's highway transport. In the framework of carrying out the imposed functions within the enterprises of the Association the most progressive methods of the organization of traffic processes were put into practice and received practical approval: container carriages, scheduled inter-republic long hauls, implementation of cargo stations and terminals, forwarding services. Different elaborated technologies have been adopted by the workers from other regions of the USSR.
In 1989 cooperation links between the republics of the USSR started to collapse and radical ideas in mastering business mechanisms of the Association were needed. The Association was one of the first ones to start lease relations and the property was rented out to structural units. In order to enable the unity of organizational, technological and financial communications between the enterprises corporate group "Belmagistralavtotrans" was established. It was delegated different functions and first of all it was delegated forwarding services of the enterprises of the corporate group.
Since 1991 to 1997 all the enterprises of the corporate group were privatized and turned into joint stock companies.
In this period "Belmagistralavtotrans" was at the top of all new activity directions and transport technologies.
After the transition to market economy the corporate group and its enterprises were ones of the first legal entities of management in Belarus which began to carry out international long hauls, forwarding and termination services independently.
The corporate group "Belmagistralavtotrans" has become one of the structures which held integration of the Republic of Belarus as a sovereign state into the European system of international long hauls. "Belmagistralavtotrans" was the exact one to organize and provide foreign carriers coming to the territory of Belarus with permissions and policies of insurance on border crossings since 1992 till 1995. Afterwards the organized infrastructure was passed to the State Company "Interavtotrans". The Belarusian association of international long hauls and carriages was being organized with the straightforward help of the corporate group in 1992.
During the 90's "Belmagistralavtotrans" apart from traditional activity on forwarding services developed its own production capacities and other new forms and types of activities. First of all, these are international long hauls using the company's transport. For this purpose trucks of European production such as Mercedes, Volvo, Scania as well as trucks of home production were leased. In 1999 there were 70 items in the park.
In 1994 a freight terminal was brought in the industrial knot of Koliadichi. As soon as the building of the auto-service had come to an end different automobile services and repair parts trading began to develop quickly.
In 1994-1995 subsidiary firms providing forwarding services were brought in Russia, Germany and Poland.
On February, 3, 1997 by means of reorganization ATEP-10 and the corporate group "Belmagistralavtotrans" the joint-stick company "Belmagistralavtotrans" was brought into being. Ordinary share capital was divided between the state, the former ATECs of the corporate group (newly organized JCSs), members of the staff as well as physical persons in the result of cheque privatization.
In 1998 a subsidiary firm unitary enterprise "ATEP-11" was brought into being with one hundred percent capital of JCS "Belmagistralavtotrans" to which the motive power of the JCS was passed and which in the framework of the JCS specializes exceptionally in carriages of balance issue loads.
On March, 19, 2008 an auto service station "Volvo" started its functioning. It was authorized by the company Volvo Truck Corporation on the base of automobile service stations JCS "Belmagistralavtotrans". The mentioned station is the only one authorized station in the structure of the Ministry of highway transport and communications of the Republic of Belarus which management system of quality of technical service and automobile repairing work corresponds to the requirements STB ISO 9001-2001.
2003-2014 Belmagistralavtotrans - International transportation and forwarding, customs terminal (temporary storage warehouse services (TSW) and declaration), heavy duty towing services, Volvo service station, semitrailer repair station, tachograph repair station, frame repair shop.
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