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Belmagistralavtotrans is a multi-logistic operator
that has been working for more than 35 years
in the field of international trucking,
freight forwarding and technical services.

Organization structure

Organization structure of Belmagistralavtotrans OJSC

  1. General Meeting of Shareholders
  2. Supervisory Board
  3. Director General
    1. Senior Deputy Director General
      1. Economic Analysis and Marketing Department
    2. Chief Technical Officer
      1. Vehicle Park
      2. Master Mechanic Team
      3. Technical Operation Department
      4. Semitrailer and Tachograph Repair Station
      5. Volvo Maintenance Station
      6. Documentary Flow Control and Support Department
    3. Deputy Director General
      1. Assorted Cargo Department
      2. Cargo Processing Department
      3. Vehicle Processing Department
      4. Customs Clearance Department
      5. IT and Computer Systems Department
    4. Deputy Director General
      1. Transportation and Forwarding Department
      2. Legal and HR Department
    5. Chief Accountant
      1. Settlement Department
      2. Accounting Department
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