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Belmagistralavtotrans is a multi-logistic operator
that has been working for more than 35 years
in the field of international trucking,
freight forwarding and technical services.

Assorted Cargo

Our company offers the following services to our customers:
  • Assorted cargo transportation using any kind of transport;
  • Assorted cargo delivery to your foreign partners;
  • Documentary support in customs clearance.
Contacting our company, our customers may rely on perfect quality of service. Your assorted cargo will be delivered with utmost efficiency to any selected destination.
Assorted cargo delivery is effected from any country of the world to Belarus and the Baltic states starting from 1 kg.
The most developed area of service of the department is assorted cargo delivery from the coun-tries of Eastern and Western Europe.
One of the offers of our company is door-to-door assorted cargo delivery. We shall carry out all necessary customs procedures. Assorted cargo transportation by international routes or delivery of as-sorted cargo within Russia, and execution of documents for assorted cargo - all services will be provided at the highest level. Our customers may feel secure about their assorted cargo since transportation and de-livery of assorted cargo intact is the face of our company.
Upon customer's request, the package of services can include full handling of cargo before and after transportation:
  • Warehouse services (packing, repacking, marking, palletizing and sorting, warehouse ac-counting of flow and storage of cargo);
  • Execution of documents and customs services;
  • TIR Carnets and CMR consignment notes execution;
  • Additional services on documents execution;
  • Customs clearance in Belarus.
Our company continuously improves quality of service and puts all effort into provision of ut-most convenience for our customers. This, customs clearance of cargo is the most frequently requested service, since transportation of assorted cargo to foreign partners and delivery of assorted cargo outside Belarus is possible only after passing such procedure.
If you entrusted us with servicing your assorted cargo, you will appreciate professional attitude of our team and will want to continue our cooperation.
By contacting our company and entrusting us with their assorted cargo, our customers can rely on our professionalism and experience. We carry out assorted cargo transportation in the most quick and efficient manner, in full compliance with the current Belarusian and international law.
By delivering assorted cargo abroad, our company complies with the laws stipulating this proce-dure. Therefore, our customers can be absolutely sure that customs clearance in the course of assorted cargo transportation will be carried out perfectly and in accordance with the law and wishes of the cus-tomer who entrusted us with servicing his assorted cargo.
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