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Belmagistralavtotrans is a multi-logistic operator
that has been working for more than 35 years
in the field of international trucking,
freight forwarding and technical services.

Frame repair shop

Trucks and semitrailers frame repair

  1. Fast, accurate and reliable frame measurements.
  2. Removing of any frame problems like sags, sideways, twists or diamonds in truck and trailer frames
  3. Elimination of local deformations and riveting
  4. Straightening with induction heating (induction straightening)

By using of modern equipment full recovery of a frame is achieved and time is minimized.

Wheel and axle alignment

  1. Front / rear Camber
  2. King pin inclination
  3. Toe
  4. Castor
  5. Alignment of steering wheel
  6. Axle setback
  7. Making appropriate adjustments and eliminating defects.

Wheel and axel alignment decrease rolling resistance, resulting in an improved tyre life period and minimize fuel consumption, whilst reduced sideways movement means drivers benefit from better handling and increased safety.

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